Moll de Bosch i Alsina (Central area)


Surface area: 9,000 m2(not open plan) / 2,000 m2 (open plan)
Dimensions: 230 x 40 m (not open plan / 60 x 30 m (open plan)
Parking: Moll de la Fusta (330 cars)

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If you are planning a major event to be attended by many people, take advantage of the large size of this venue.

Moll de Bosch i Alsina, more popularly known as Moll de la Fusta, is the area occupied by the port of the former Barcino in the Roman age, and it is one of the Port Vell areas that is most integrated in the city.

It has a close car park at Passeig de Colom, and, like all Port Vell’s venues, it is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

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Special Activities

  • Roadshows

    At any time

    Many roadshows touring Europe stop over at Port Vell.

  • Catalan Wine and Cava Show

    Every year

    Every September, Catalonian wine cellars exhibit their products at a show held at Port Vell.

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