Cat Helicopters

Fly over the city or ask for a customised flight.

Moll Adossat, s/n
08039 Barcelona
T. +34 93 224 07 10
F. +34 93 221 82 71
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Cat Helicopters is specialized in sightseeing flights. It is the only Spanish helicopter company operating a heliport based in the city itself. They offer different exclusive tours in Barcelona, flying over the the main landmarks of the city, Barcelona's coast or the impressive views of the Montserrat mountain and its monastery.

They also offer customised flights, including the flight and the event; transfer passengers to fairs, conferences, Andorra, etc.; they work with catering companies; and organise everything our clients need for their company events.

Cat Helicopters also offers all kinds of aerial work, such as: filming and photography, observation and patrol, research and instrument flights, flushing, cleaning insulators of live power lines, etc. 

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