Barcelona Foundation for Ocean Sailing (FNOB)

Visit the ocean sailing exhibition at the Barcelona World Race Interpretation Centre and participate in activities connected with world class sailing.

Escar, 6-8
08039, Barcelona
Tel. +34 935 579 703
Fax. +34 935 579 701
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The Barcelona Foundation for Ocean Sailing (FNOB) was created in 2005 with the aim of promoting and boosting knowledge on seafaring traditions and activities related to top-level ocean sailing in the city of Barcelona.

It has organised several ocean regattas, the highlight of which is the Barcelona World Race, the first of such races organised in Spain with an international reach; the Istanbul Europa Race; the New York-Barcelona record; and the Europa Warm’Up.

 It has also implemented projects such as the motor-racing team, the Base Náutica de Barcelona for water sports, and a series of seminars and university activities to promote the human, scientific, technological and communication values of transoceanic regattas.

Also worth noting is the Barcelona World Race Interpretation Centre, which houses an exhibition on transoceanic sailing, based on latest generation interactive technologies. This centre is open to the public, for sponsorship activities and educational programmes.

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